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Category Archives: daily grind

Drink for liberty


I’d been hearing good things for a while about the bars and restaurants at the ironically named Liberty Hotel, located inside a renovated old city jail. The space is undeniably breathtaking. The crowd? Typical: late 20s/early 30s professionals, dressed to impress. Also typical: the occasional d-bag or two mixed in with the beautiful people, the […]

The city loves us


Block party on the street in front of Cambridge City Hall last night.

Dance, cloud, dance


tubes on ice …


… though perhaps not as colorful as Disney on Ice. These look randomly placed, but I swear there’s a pattern.



Who knew that a wire mesh letter tray would double as a perfect earrings organizer?

Indian lemons


Jocie & I walked to the Indian market in downtown Waltham for additional lemon drops ingredients. Lemons were 4 for $1. Why do Shaw’s and Whole Foods sell them for 89 cents a piece?

Kunming lights


Kunming Hat Tournament in the city of “Eternal Spring.” March 6-7, 2010. Good times.

In a house in the sky


My grandfather had a pair of black-rimmed reading glasses. It sat perched atop a five-drawer dresser that I could only reach if I stood on my tippy-toes on top of a stool. Precarious as that was, I was the designated fetcher, the sole person approved for the responsibility of getting and returning his glasses. “Shanshan!” […]

Dear Mom and Dad,


Sorry I didn’t call this weekend. I thought I broke my nose and wasn’t sure what to do/say forgot. Beijing is still great, the weekend was a tad crazy, but I am okay now doing just fine. Did I tell you that I try to play frisbee twice a week now? Wednesday evenings and Sunday […]

Things are hard


Beijing (China) is a great place to live, if all you ever want to do is sleep, eat, and maybe go to work. Once you start needing to get things done, and we all inevitably get to that point, life starts to get hard. Really hard. For example, who knew that buying a plane ticket […]