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Dear Mom and Dad,

Sorry I didn’t call this weekend. I thought I broke my nose and wasn’t sure what to do/say forgot. Beijing is still great, the weekend was a tad crazy, but I am okay now doing just fine.

Did I tell you that I try to play frisbee twice a week now? Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons. Don’t worry, I know Beijing is cold, but frisbee is indoors. There’s not a whole lot of space, so there’s a real danger of getting hit in the face, but it’s an energetic and entertaining group, so it’s always a ton of fun.

I took a cab to work Monday morning because I woke up far away at a group Superbowl sleepover party I woke up a bit late to take the bus. Did you watch the Superbowl? I caught the first half second half, before going to work after I got to work, but didn’t pay too much attention because I was frantically googling broken nose images and articles finally found some good data for the project I’m doing.

Oh yeah, because Beijing is 13 hours ahead, I sometimes get to talk to Victor online during the mornings when he is still awake in Boston the night before. He and our other rooomates threw a Superbowl party, but he wasn’t really watching because he was freaking out and helping me diagnose my nose situation you know how he is about football.

After the internet told us that it’d be hard to tell for sure if my nose were fractured, but regardless it wouldn’t need surgery because it looked straight and my breathing wasn’t blocked Victor went to sleep and the Saints won, my workday got considerably more productive. I even had a short lunch because my nose hurt whenever I chewed food because I wasn’t that hungry and managed to get more work done.

The office will be closed for three days next week for Chinese New Year, but I hear many Chinese are already on vacation. I’m looking forward to the legendary street fireworks of Beijing in the coming two weeks to distract me as my nose heals as the locals set off everything they can get their hands on for the annual Spring Festival holidays.

On that note, Happy Chinese New Year, and I hope you guys are doing well back in the States!



  1. adub

    oh shan, we hope you are doing well! luv ur posts -your NH2 GRT fans!

    Posted on 24-Feb-10 at 10:24 pm | Permalink
  2. Yang

    Touching letter written in interesting style

    Posted on 07-Jul-10 at 11:33 pm | Permalink

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