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heartless, sometimes

In a city of 13 million people, what are the chances that you run into someone you know randomly?

Deviating from my normal lunch-around-the-office-block routine, I met up with an old college friend at her apartment complex outside of the East Third Ring. We stopped in at her favorite bakery for a late lunch, conveniently located on the first floor of her complex.

Coincidentally, I ran into someone whom I met this past weekend at a bar in Sanlitun, a friend of a friend of my roommate’s.

He was also deviating from his normal lunch routine, visiting his favorite bakery because he happened to be in the neighborhood checking out a factory for work (I’ve actually heard this factory line from a surprising number of people here).

What an unlikely, and welcomed, coincidence in a city that has appeared heartless for a few days now, in fact, heartless since the day that I met this guy. It was at that Sanlitun bar that my iPhone bamfed from my purse, most likely a victim of the deft thieving that Beijing (China) is known for.

With that one event, Beijing instantaneously lost its luster. This same city that had been so full of excitement for the whole past month suddenly became soulless. Instead of looking forward to new happenings, I reminisced last week’s events, events at which I still had my phone. Timelines were re-defined as “before-phone” and “after-phone.” Instead of wanting to go out exploring, I wanted to wallow and watch movies on the internet at home.

Thus, it was nice to randomly run into this new friend today, managing to restore a tiny bit of humanity back to this fair city Beijing.

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  1. adub

    Happy happy new year Shan!!! Yaaay! from new house ;o)

    Posted on 31-Dec-09 at 11:17 pm | Permalink

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