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some (bittersweet) pictures from the past few months

Once again, I have neglected to post pictures until much later after they were taken. Here are three sets of pictures from the past few months. They are also accessible through my gallery page.

Acadia National Park – This trip took place at the end of June. Originally, I was just going camping with some friends. Then, as circumstances had it, I joined an adventure race team that was missing a female teammate at the last minute. The trip was tons of fun, with the first day full (12 hours) of biking, hiking, canoeing. We biked a total of 40 miles, including a 45 min, 5-mile uphill climb of 2000 ft. We hiked to the top of 5 or 6 summits, and we canoed across and back the length of a lake. Exhausted, my second day at Acadia was spent eating and swimming in a warm warm Lake Wood.

Chicago, IL – At the end of July, Ryan had to go to Chicago for a large patent law job fair/interview conference thing. Because he was to be there for interviews on Thursday and Friday, I decided to join him in Chicago and see the city together. I also got a chance to see an old friend from junior high school in West Lafayette, IN, who drove up to Chicago to meet us. We also met a couple of friends of hers in Chicago. All in all, it was a lot of fun: we took a skyscrapers tour, went to the top of one of the tallest buildings in the world, and ate dim sum at Chinatown :)

Charlottesville, VA - I had an alumni event back in Charlottesville during the last weekend of September. So, Ryan decided to join me in going back to UVA, and we visited with some old friends, went to our usual eateries, hung out on the lawn on a beautiful day, and reminesced about our times at Ole Virginia.

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